Tips For Towing An ATV Behind A Car

Riding an ATV is an amazing experience, you can ride an ATV at many places but one of the important things to do is properly securing it on the trailer. This will improve your safety and prevent you from getting fined. A properly secured ATV will prevent it from getting damaged while being towed. ATVs will give more fun and are also extremely useful when you need the help of a powerful machine.

Setting up your ATV for towing is quite difficult because it must be safely fixed without getting damaged. So to safely tow your ATV here are a few tips.

Towing an ATV

Before towing an ATV on a trailer ensure that the weight should be evenly distributed from left to right, so both sides will get equal weight. Look at the trailer from behind to check this. The even distribution will help the trailer wheels to move safely on the road. Uneven weight can cause the trailer to turn in one direction.

Safety Tips for Towing an ATV

If you’re a beginner to drive with an ATV trailer then drive slowly on secluded roads.

If you go for long trips then check whether the towing equipment and ATV are safe once an hour.

Make use of the right equipment for the proper functioning of the ATV. Both the weight capacity and towing equipment of your vehicle must handle your trailer and ATV.

The trailer brake and signal lights must be in working condition and also must be synchronized with the tow vehicle.

The tires should be inflated properly and make sure they are in good condition before heading out. Also, check the wheel bearings.

Secure large and loose objects properly on the trailer.

Hitch the trailer perfectly. For hooking up your trailer follow the correct procedures. Check the connections including the coupler and wiring and ensure whether the safety chains are securely connected under the trailer tongue.

You must increase the distance behind vehicles while following because it will take much time to stop when towing a trailer and ATV. So increase the amount of space between you and the vehicle in front.

While driving you should know how hectic the traffic is and scan the road farther because it takes a longer time to stop, accelerate, change lanes, and turn with a trailer. By observing the road you can avoid accidents.

While changing the lanes be cautious because the trailers increase blind spots and slow down your speed. Don’t move to the corners of the road, give yourself a good space and change lanes slowly. 

Avoid sudden turns. Wear the seatbelt buckled when driving.

While moving on, check your mirrors to keep an eye on your ATV and trailer.

Don’t stop the vehicle suddenly. 

Use a coupler lock to avoid trailer theft and keep your coupler secure while towing.

Drive slowly while towing an ATV.

Use these tips and securely tow an ATV behind a car.